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We are world leaders in adaptive focus lens technologies. As well as developing autofocus glasses to overcome the loss of near vision as you get older, Adlens works with OEM partners to enable their next generations of AR/VR platforms to be genuinely immersive and visually comfortable.

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Our Future Vision

Adaptive optics is an opportunity to enhance vision not just restore it. We can see a future that is truly “heads-up and hands-free”.

A future where people will use eyewear even if they don’t have an underlying prescription - because their visual experience will be so much clearer, sharper and richer. Optical characteristics and focus will adjust automatically for the task and the environment, so your vision will always be optimal.

What you can see will be further augmented with real-time data and graphical information to create a new reality where the virtual and the real world are in sharp focus and seamlessly integrated.

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Adlens is a diverse team of people including scientists, engineers and designers obsessed with giving people better vision. We are excited about pushing new lens technologies and see our role as perfecting the interfaces between the real and virtual worlds, our eyes and our brain.

We are based near Oxford and work with leading global technology and ophthalmic companies.

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Future Realities

In the AR and VR spheres, we are working with OEM technology partners to help make step changes to the user experience. Using our technologies, we can eliminate the need for separate prescription eyewear, manage the effects of presbyopia and deal with the vergence accommodation conflict (VAC). This helps deliver a truly immersive experience with improved visual clarity as well as eliminating feelings of nausea and disorientation.

With our AR and VR technologies 3D images can be accurately rendered at any distance. This is important for visual comfort, for integrating augmented reality with the real world and, uniquely, enabling you to focus on objects and content within arms-reach. Our technologies also allow you to reduce the overall design envelope and reduce the bulk of headsets.

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Leadership & Advisory Board

James Chen


Our founder and key shareholder, James Chen, is a venture philanthropist who has become gripped by one issue: 2.5 billion people still struggle with poor vision without treatment. He co-founded Adlens to investigate the technology, followed by Vision for a Nation a charity supporting emerging nations – starting with Rwanda – in providing affordable glasses and primary eye care. Recently James launched the Clearly campaign to inspire promote greater awareness of the global vision issue. His mission is to see a world where everyone has access to vision correction.

John Kennedy


John is the one who knits it together. Mesmerized by the juggling people do to ensure they have glasses to hand, he knows there’s a better way. An engineer by training, he’s built his experience in tech and consumer growth businesses. When not at work a bicycle never seems far away.


Dr. Rob Stevens


Rob talks, thinks, breathes physics & optics. He is responsible for developing all the technology that is fundamental to Adlens. If science hasn’t defined it yet as impossible, he’s up for it. Prior to Adlens he was to be found teaching at Oxford University. Cars, children and badminton also vie for his attention.

Sian James

Programme Director

Motivator, organizer and engineer, Siân drives the development of the business. Steeped in innovation from her time at Dyson and Xerox, she has the will to succeed and a wicked sense of humor. In any spare time, she’s a talented chef and scuba diver.

Richard Hill

Chief Products Officer

Richard is our product guru. Design is close to his heart, so innovation and attention to detail go hand in hand. Whilst a product designer, he’s also delivered the champagne bar at St Pancras and part of the London Olympics brand team, so he focuses on consumer behavior. Dream car, a 1965 short wheelbase Porsche 911.

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