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6 Celebrities Who Wear Reading Glasses & Rock Them!

6 Celebrities Who Wear Reading Glasses & Rock Them!

There was a time in this country where, at least from a fashion perspective, wearing glasses was about as far from “cool” as you could possibly get. Oh, what a difference a decade or two makes.

In the 1980s, a celebrity wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of reading glasses out in public. They had images to protect, after all. These days, celebrities who wear glasses practically outnumber those who don’t – the glasses have BECOME the image in a certain way.

If you’ve reached the point where you feel like you might need glasses to combat Presbyopia or another issue but are afraid of how people might perceive you, fear not. As this list of celebrities who wear glasses shows, which includes some of the most famous faces to have ever walked the Earth, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Now, whether reading glasses will allow you to start earning millions of dollars per year is another story altogether.

Steve McQueen (No, Not That One)

If you had to make a list of some of the most talented filmmakers working today, Steve McQueen would undoubtedly be right at the top. No, not the famous film actor that has been dead for years – the other one, who directed Best Picture winner “12 Years a Slave.” He rose to prominence directing Michael Fassbender in films like “Hunger” and “Shame” and is poised to take the world by storm with his most commercial fare to date, “Widows,” later in 2018. He also wears black horn-rim glasses on a regular basis and doesn’t care who knows it.

Jim Carrey

For years, Jim Carrey has enjoyed the type of career that legends are made of. After rising to prominence as a standup comedian, he had hit after hit in the 90s with fare like “Dumb and Dumber,” “Ace Ventura” and more. Films like “The Truman Show” showed that he had a more sensitive side to him and a career as a serious, award winning actor was certainly his if he wanted it. For years, he’s being wearing eyeglasses proudly and shows absolutely no shame about it. He’s even worked them into some of his comedy bits as a prop for good measure.

Tom Hanks

There is a very, very good chance that Tom Hanks will forever be known as one of the most talented actors to ever live. Yes, it’s true that he began his career on a sitcom where his character had to pretend to be a woman in order to rent a cheap apartment… but somehow he was able to crawl out of that particular hole and by now has won just about every award that has ever been given to someone in his profession. At this point, he makes it look effortless and he’s reportedly a pretty nice guy to boot. To top it all off, he also wears glasses on a regular basis at this point. “If you’re going to be like anybody, be like Tom Hanks” is what we’re saying.

Jennifer Aniston

Some people chase trends and other people can’t help but create them. Such is the case with Jennifer Aniston who popularized a hairstyle for a generation with “The Rachel” during the days of her hit sitcom “Friends” all those years ago. These days, she’s back at it – regularly wearing a pair of black glasses in films, on television show interviews, on the red carpet and more. If you missed out on “The Rachel” and didn’t want to seem like a bandwagon jumper way back when, this is certainly one trend that you’ll want to get in on the ground floor of.

Diane Keaton

Speaking of fashion icons, Diane Keaton is an incredible actress – which makes it all the more impressive that she’s probably more known for her fashion than anything else. In terms of fashion risks, there are two periods to concern yourself with – pre-“Annie Hall” and post-“Annie Hall.” Nothing else really matters to this particular discussion. It should come as a surprise to nobody that Diane Keaton has actually been wearing glasses for years and is quite proud of it, which means is about as good a sign that lenses are officially “in” as we’re ever going to get.

Robert Downey Jr.

There was a period not too long ago where Robert Downey Jr. was persona non grata in Hollywood. He went through a series of highly publicized troubles in the 1990s and battled his fair share of demons… but if people love anything, it’s a comeback story. When “Iron Man” hit at the box office (can you believe it’s been 10 years?!) everything was forgiven. Flash forward to today and Downey is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, reportedly earning as much as $50 million for appearing in all those “Avengers” movies they keep making.

Robert Downey Jr. is so high up on his glasses that he even wears them as part of his character Tony Stark’s trademark style. But if you really want to get technical about it, they’re also an essential part of the Iron Man armor at this point (at least after the events of “Iron Man 3”). So from a certain perspective, when you make the choice to wear your glasses proudly, you’re not just being more like Robert Downey Jr. You’re literally a superhero. Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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