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Are Reading Glasses HSA and FSA Eligible?

Are Reading Glasses HSA and FSA Eligible?

With the rising cost of healthcare, including inflated rates and huge deductibles, saving money on medical costs is a huge concern for many people today. One way that savvy consumers can help control the cost of medical necessities and other miscellaneous health-related supplies, such as reading glasses, is to take advantage of a flexible spending account (FSA) or a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) to help with the cost of expenses.

What You Need to Know About Your FSA and HSA

Healthcare savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are a fairly new concept to many people and can be confusing when it comes to determining what is eligible under each account. First, it is important to know how each account works:

Health Savings Account (HSA) – This type of account is created for those who have health plans with a high deductible. Tax advantages are received for those who open an HSA to save for medical expenses that health plans do not cover. Here are some HSA facts:

  • To qualify for an HSA, you must be enrolled in a high-deductible healthcare plan with a minimum deductible of $1,250 per individual
  • HSA funds are accrued all year
  • Individuals can contribute up to $3,300 a year, with employers being allowed to make a contribution to the account as well, much like a 401(k) plan

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – This is a special type of account created to save money to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Taxes are not paid on this money, so all of your contributions go directly to your expenses. Here are some FSA facts:

  • All FSA funds are available January 1stfor use the whole year
  • FSA funds typically expire by December 31stof each year, but some plans do offer a grace period that extends until March 15
  • Depending on your employer’s plan, $500 of unused FSA funds from the previous year may be rolled into the new year

Many people have questions about what is considered to be an eligible expense and what they can buy with their HSA and FSA accounts. In fact, two of the most common questions asked include “Are reading glasses HSA eligible?” and “Are reading glasses FSA eligible?” The answer is yes to both questions. HSA and FSA funds can be used to purchase both prescription and nonprescription reading glasses whether you have vision insurance or not.

What Are FSA Reading Glasses and HSA Reading Glasses?

There are two types of corrective eye-wear: reading glasses and prescription glasses. The type of glasses required depends on the vision issues diagnosed, but both are FSA and HSA eligible. If prescription eyeglasses are required, a doctor’s prescription will be required for reimbursement by your FSA or HSA. Reading glasses, however, do not require a prescription from a doctor for purchase.

If you are like most people over 40, you need reading glasses. Reading glasses were created to specifically treat presbyopia, a common condition we experience around the age of 40. Presbyopia occurs due to aging eyes and happens when a decrease in the elasticity of the eye’s lens makes it difficult to see things that are close. Magnifying reading glasses are designed to help improve close-up vision.

There are a variety of different types of HSA and that range from various generic strengths to high tech adjustable reading glasses, like the Adlens UZOOM adjustable focus glasses that allow you to focus precisely at different distances and enjoy a field of view from any distance between 9 in. – 6.5 ft.

There are three primary types of reading glasses that individuals with vision problems can consider to improve their vision while reading and performing up-close activities. These include:

  • Half-Frame Reading Glasses– Half-frame FSA and HSA reading glasses are designed for those who have short and long-distance vision issues. These glasses allow wearers to look through the lower portion of the lens to read and to look through the upper part of the lens to see things at a distance.

  • Full Frame Reading Glasses– Full frame reading glasses are designed for those who spend a lot of time reading or other close-up activities. The lenses of these HSA or FSA reading glasses have the same prescription on the entire lens, so vision may be blurred when looking at things at a distance.

  • Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses – Adjustable reading glasses are designed for those with presbyopia, who do not typically wear prescription glasses but require multiple reading powers to see everything clearly. Created with the latest technology, adjustable reading glasses allow you to focus at different distances and enjoy a full range of view. To change the vision focus, simply twist each dial to select your focus power and everything comes into clear view. Some of these adjustable power readers can also protect your eyes from the harmful digital blue light strain that can wreak havoc on your eyes. Adjustable focus reading glasses are both HSA and FSA eligible.

Purchasing FSA Reading Glasses or HSA Reading Glasses

No matter which type of readers you choose, it is important to know that each of these types of reading glasses are eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account or health savings account dollars.

If you would like to purchase FSA reading glasses or HSA reading glasses, you can do so online or at a local store. If your account provides an FSA or HSA debit card, simply enter the card information like a typical credit card to make the purchase. If you do not have a debit card for your account, you must purchase the reading glasses with another form of payment and seek reimbursement from your FSA or HSA provider via submittal of a required form with the receipt.

If you would like to purchase Adlens UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses using your HSA or FSA debit card, you may do so online by visiting and choosing the pair that’s right for you.

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