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Do You Need a Prescription for Reading Glasses?  

Do You Need a Prescription for Reading Glasses?  

Presbyopia may be a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean that people are exactly thrilled about it. Presbyopia occurs right around the age of 45 and involves our eye as it loses its ability to properly focus. The major symptom that you’ll notice when you start to become affected occurs when you’re having a hard time clearly seeing items, especially at close distances.

This tends to get worse and worse until, right around the age of 75, most people will have lost the ability to focus at different distances altogether.

If you’ve very recently begun to experience Presbyopia or a similar type of condition, you may have started to investigate your options – at which point you’ll discover reading glasses sooner rather than later. Because you’re entering a situation that is new and strange to you, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. This is understandable. Don’t worry. There is no judgment, here.

The most common question that most people usually have is some variation of “do you need a prescription for reading glasses?” After all, just about everything else in the medical world requires a prescription so why would this be any different?

Vision is a complicated topic and the solutions to a lot of eye problems tend to be equally so. After all, when the stakes are this high, you always want to be careful so you don’t take a small problem and make it a much worse one sooner rather than later.

Having said that, the question of whether or not you need a prescription for reading glasses is, thankfully, one with a surprisingly easy answer.

Do You Need a Prescription for Reading Glasses?


See? We told you that was easy.

In order to better understand why that answer was so straightforward, you first need to understand a bit more about how prescriptions work in the first place. Prescriptions are all about specificity – a doctor is recommending a very, very precise solution to whatever problem you’re experiencing. Sometimes this solution can be dangerous if not observed carefully, which explains why you need a prescription for certain types of controlled substances like medication.

The medications that are “over” or “behind” the counter tend to be placed there in part because they’re dangerous and in part because there’s simply no reason why someone would need a dosage that massive if all they’re trying to do is get rid of a mild headache.

In terms of glasses, prescription lenses are an incredible precise – and long-term – way to correct whatever vision issues you may have. However, in the case of reading glasses, you’re dealing with a solution that was never intended with that level of specificity in mind.

Essentially, think about reading glasses versus prescription glasses as “over the counter” medication versus “behind the counter” medication. You don’t need a prescription for something like acetaminophen because it’s a general pain reliever. However, if you’re experiencing intense pain after surgery, a doctor may recommend something a bit more thorough and controlled – thus taking things from “behind the counter” to “over it.”

Reading glasses are the same way. They’re like the acetaminophen of the glasses world, which is why you can buy them in most pharmacies, general stores and even grocery stores in the United States.

However, if your eye issues have gotten to the point where they CANNOT be corrected in this way and you need to go a bit deeper, that’s where prescription eyewear comes into play.

When You SHOULD See a Doctor

Now, absolutely none of this is to say that you should never take that step and book an appointment with your medical professional. Part of this has to do with the fact that reading glasses, as their name suggests, are NOT designed to replace your prescription eyewear. If your vision issues have gotten to the point where prescription eyewear is necessary, you’ll absolutely want to embrace that fact and purchase them as soon as you can.

However, if you just want to be able to lay in bed at night and watch TV or read your favorite book without worry, reading glasses (and particularly adjustable focus lenses) will do just fine.

Additionally, making an appointment to see an eye specialist can be helpful in a number of other ways that are certainly worth exploring. It’s great to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with an eye care professional about your individual needs, for example. If you are having a hard time understanding the different diopters that are available to you or have similar questions that you’d like to see answered, this would be the best way to get them.

But do you need an actual, written prescription from your doctor in order to buy the right pair? Absolutely not – especially if reading glasses or adjustable focus reading glasses are the right fit for you, personally.

Adlens: Because Everyone Should Know the Joy of Strong Vision

At Adlens, we designed our UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses because we believe that you should not have to compromise on what you see or do just because you’re over the age of 45. From the top down, these are intended to allow you to see as clearly and as precisely as you always have with minimal effort on your part required. Most “standard issue” reading glasses allow you to see clearly at one distance, which is great – but you don’t realize just how many activities require you to focus constantly at different distances until you’re in the middle of them.

As a result, UZOOM adjustable focus glasses are intended in part to help make sure you never have to worry about this type of thing again.

If you have any additional questions about your individual needs or you’re wondering whether or not reading glasses are even right for you in the first place, we wholeheartedly recommend that you make an appointment with your eye care professional so that you can discuss the matter further. If you have any additional questions about our Adlens UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses or about any of the other products that we offer, please don’t delay – visit today.

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