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Why Multifocal Computer Reading Glasses Are a Must Inside (and Out of) the Office

Why Multifocal Computer Reading Glasses Are a Must Inside (and Out of) the Office

Why Multifocal Computer Reading Glasses Are a Must Inside (and Out of) the Office

Anyone who has ever owned a smartphone (and at this point, that's most of us from a statistical standpoint) can tell you that not all light is created equally. These days, electronic devices with bright screens are everywhere. We spend hours in front of our desktops and laptops while we're in the office, we stay connected with the world around us on our smartphones, and probably check out a funny cat video or two (no judgments) as we try to fall asleep at night.

But have you ever wondered just how much damage you might be doing?

The type of harsh blue light that the vast majority of these screens are emitting is actually far more dangerous than you probably realize. That's because it's actually capable of penetrating all the way back to the retina of your eye. Due to the nature of the light in question, this almost immediately starts to damage the cells in your eye in a way that resembles macular degeneration.

Even if you don't already have eye issues, you're probably one of the 61% of people who say that they feel significant eye strain after spending an appreciable amount of time in front of a computer - and that harsh blue light is exactly why. At the same time, if you're already suffering from the effects of something like Presbyopia, this blue light is a perfect way to take a distressing problem and make it even worse.

But thankfully, all hope is not lost. There are a wide range of different reasons why multifocal computer reading glasses are a must have item, both inside the office and out, that are certainly worth exploring.

Protecting Your Eyes in the Most Efficient Way Possible

Maybe the most immediate benefit of keeping multifocal computer reading glasses around both inside and out of the office, for a lot of people, is also the most important: they're by far the most effective way to actually protect your eyes from the harsh blue computer light that will ultimately do you harm.

These glasses won't totally eliminate your exposure to blue light, but they will significantly reduce it - to the point where you'll start to find relief from things like computer eye strain, neck pain, headaches and even irregular sleeping patterns almost immediately.

A quality pair of multifocal computer reading glasses, when coupled with other techniques like turning on the "warm" color setting on your computer or smartphone's monitor, will collectively go a long way towards allowing you to mitigate most of the risks associated with these types of issues head on.

They Have Flexibility to Spare

Thanks to the technology behind multifocal computer reading glasses, like Adlens' own UZOOM Screen Protect lenses or Adapt with Digital Task Clip, you'll be able to enjoy far more flexibility than ever before - all while returning clarity to your vision in all of the ways that you need, whenever you need it, no questions asked.

Unlike a pair of drug store reading glasses, which also don't offer protection against blue light in any way, multifocal computer reading glasses are immediately helpful in a wide range of situations. Are you sitting at your desk and want to be able to clearly see your computer screen without enlarging the font size? Just adjust the dial on the side of the glasses and you're ready to go.

Are you then about to get up in front of a packed room and give that next great presentation to help your firm secure "the big account?" Just adjust the dial again and you're ready for action. Forget about switching to another pair of readers with a different strength (or worrying about what you're going to do if you happened to leave that pair at home today).

From presentations to paperwork to working on your laptop to staring at your smartphone, all you have to do is adjust the dial and you'll have the crystal clear vision you need to rise up and meet even the toughest of challenges.

The Relief You Need With the Convenience You Deserve

Even when you're not actively working on that upcoming massive project either inside of the office or out, multifocal computer reading glasses can still bring a much needed level of relief all throughout your daily life. Remember that some of the key symptoms of this phenomenon, appropriately called Computer Vision Syndrome, are as follows:

  • You're particularly prone to headaches, especially when using your devices.
  • You get painful eyestrain during many of the same situations.
  • You regularly experience instances of blurred vision.
  • Your eyes seem to dry out on a regular basis and you're not sure why.
  • You always experience neck and shoulder pain while you're working hard in the office. You've tried everything - from buying a new desk chair to using the 20:20:20 rule but it just doesn't seem to help.

The right pair of multifocal, blue light blocking reading glasses can help relieve all of these issues, basically all at the exact same time. The end result is that you get to spend less time worrying about what that computer screen might be doing to your vision and more time being as productive as you need to be to ascend the corporate ladder in the fastest way possible.

Adlens: Because Eye Protection Doesn't Need to Be Difficult

At this point, there really is no way to get around our dependency on computers and other types of electronic devices - that's one genie that isn't going back in the bottle anytime soon. But dealing with the harsh implications of staring at cold blue light all day is also not something you have to worry about - at least, not anymore. Whether you're cooped up all day inside the office or are spending time out and about, the relief you need has arrived - just in time.

If you're still wondering whether or not a pair of multifocal computer reading glasses is the right choice for you to make, we deeply encourage you to make an appointment with your eye care professional so that you can discuss things in a little more detail. If you're very interested in the benefits that these types of glasses bring to the table and want to find out more about how Adlens' own UZOOM glasses or their new Adlens Adapt reading glasses work, please feel free to visit us today.

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