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Not Your Drug Store’s Reading Glasses: What Defines Quality Reading Glasses?

Not Your Drug Store’s Reading Glasses: What Defines Quality Reading Glasses?

If you’re like most of us over 40, you have already started experiencing the aggravating issue of your vision changing. You may have started to notice that it is now difficult to make out the small print on restaurant menus or to see the tiny text on your cell phone. You also may find yourself squinting to see, straining your eyes, or even holding things farther away from you in an attempt to make them easier to read.

Although this new-found vision problem may be new to you, it is actually quite common in folks approaching 50. Knowing that you are not alone probably doesn’t make it any better, however, a change in our vision as we get older is just a part of life. This pesky change happens to have a name, and it’s called presbyopia, which means “old eye” in Greek.

Unfortunately, every one of us will suffer from presbyopia around the age of 45. Our eyes’ ability to focus begins to decrease. This means that we will find it increasingly difficult to focus on things at different distances – especially close-up. The ability to focus continues to diminish until we reach the age of 75 when we will have lost all ability to focus at different distances.

Symptoms of presbyopia include difficulty:

  • Performing intricate tasks
  • Focusing at different distances
  • Seeing in low light

While there is no cure for presbyopia, there is a solution that will help you see clearly and focus better: quality reading glasses. If you have never worn glasses or if the thought of wearing a pair of readers has you intimidated – don’t panic – there are new quality reading glasses (alternatives to the typical readers your parents wore) that allow you to see better than ever.

Are Drugstore Bargains a Good Choice for Quality Reading Glasses?

While drugstore reading glasses are a convenient choice for those who only need to wear them once in a while, they are definitely not the quality reading glasses your eyes need or deserve. Though they are easily obtainable and often come in stylish designs to attract those in need, they can have undesired consequences from long-term use.

Drugstore reading glasses may not cause permanent damage to the eyes, but they can certainly cause issues such as headaches and eye strain. In addition, drugstore reading glasses do not offer any help at all with issues such as myopia, astigmatism, glaucoma, or other common eye problems.

Another major issue with over the counter drugstore readers is that they have the same prescription in each eye – which people rarely do. This means that you will not even have the right prescription strength for both eyes and you will only be able to see clearly at one distance, which is restrictive because hobbies such as reading, watching TV, and computer work all require your eyes to be able to focus at many different distances to see properly.

With all the ingenious technology on the planet today, settling for a pair of reading glasses that do not provide the correct prescription for your eyes is not a good choice. Instead, consider a pair of quality reading glasses for optimal vision and healthier eyes.

What to Look for in a Pair of Quality Reading Glasses

Good lenses are made from premium quality polycarbonate plastics that meet specific standards. When choosing a pair of quality reading glasses, true visual clarity and proper focus for each eye are crucial. The latest revolutionary technology in quality reading glasses is one that adapts to the human eye and which enables clear sight at multiple distances, such as the technology used in the new Adlens UZOOM adjustable focus readers, which offer unmatched advantages never before seen in a pair of reading glasses.

If you are over 45 and are not accustomed to wearing reading glasses, it is important to find a pair of quality reading glasses that have all the features you need for optimal vision. Don’t be discouraged by your recent need for reading glasses. It’s a normal part of life and there are some great choices to help you see better! Consider these qualities and look for them on your new quest for the perfect reading glasses:

Tips for Choosing Quality Reading Glasses for those with Presbyopia

  • Make Sure You Choose the Correct Strength– Your grandma’s reading glasses are a thing of the past. Do not settle for inferior drugstore glasses with expectations of perfect vision. The latest technology has given us so many new choices, including adjustable focus lenses that allow you to see as clearly as you did when you were 20! Until now, both lenses of typical drugstore reading glasses only offered to focus at one distance for both eyes. The new and advanced technology now allows quality reading glasses with precise focusing at different distances.
  • Go for the Magnifying Boost– Made especially for focusing in on things such as fine print and tiny details, quality reading glasses with an adjustable magnifying boost are the ones you want to seek out. This advanced perk allows you to adjust the focus distance for each lens by simply turning the small, built-in dial, which allows you to see clearly from 9.5 inches to almost 6.5 feet. Easily read fine print, do computer work, and watch TV with no issues.
  • Advanced Blue Light Cut Technology – If you spend much of your days or nights looking at digital screens, consider reading glasses that have the new Blue Light Cut Technology that blocks the potentially harmful blue light that emits from computers, cell phones, and TVs, which can affect your vision. Research indicates that the blue light from LED-devices has a different wavelength than other colors in the light spectrum. The shorter wavelengths of the blue light bring more energy into the eye than softer tones of light, which can wreak havoc on the eyes. Quality reading glasses, like the Adlens UZOOM computer reading glasses, block out 30 percent of blue light, and help you focus better, see clearer, and also help protect against eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision, from the use of digital screens.

Choose Quality Reading Glasses for Healthy Eyes

You can’t choose whether or not you get presbyopia as you age, but you can choose to take control of your vision and eye health by choosing a quality pair of readers, for the best vision possible.

Learn which questions to ask before buying your next pair of reading glasses, or visit to browse Adlens UZOOM readers.

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