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Readers vs. Multi-Focus Reading Glasses: What’s the Difference?

Readers vs. Multi-Focus Reading Glasses: What’s the Difference?

If you struggle with focusing on things up close, you may be using reading glasses, bi- or trifocals, or a magnifying glass to better see all the little things in life. But you may also know that none of these are total solutions. Readers usually necessitate that you have multiple pairs for various tasks. Magnifying glasses never seem to be at hand when you need them. Trifocal and bifocal reading glasses entail a big learning curve and can increase eye, head and neck strain. Right now, you may be considering an alternative solution – multi-focus reading glasses. Here, learn about the differences between readers and multi-focus reading glasses, including a solution that will guarantee you never need to wear regular readers again.

What are Readers?

Readers, also called reading glasses, are non-prescriptive eyeglasses that are made to help people do things that require close-up vision, such as reading, which is why they are so named. It’s important to realize that readers work via magnification, making things closer appear larger. Readers are essentially magnifying lenses that you wear on each eye.

The biggest problem with readers is that they only provide focus at one set distance. For instance, you can buy readers at 2Xs magnification power. They’ll work great if everything you view only needs to be magnified by a power of two. Of course, this is never the case. You’ll always need to see things at different ranges, which is why you’ll often see people with readers taking them off and on, and moving them up and down their nose, squinting to try and focus close up.

What are Multi-Focus Reading Glasses?

Most multi-focus reading glasses fall under the category of progressive eyeglasses, which have different diopters built into the lens. If you look out of the progressive lens from one part, you’ll be able to focus at one distance. If you look out of the lens from another part, you’ll be able to focus at another distance. Multi-focus, progressive lenses come in a maximum of three different diopters, in a variety of magnification levels. They are intended to replace the need for multiple pairs of reading glasses with varying magnification strengths.

The biggest problem with these multi-focus reading glasses (like with trifocal readers) is that they require the wearer to minutely adjust the angle of their head and eyes in order to focus on different objects. Without lots of practice—and patience—the wearer may end up frustrated, with a sore neck and strained eyes to show for it. While multi-focus reading glasses are designed to sync with the natural eye movements of a person doing things like reading, working on a computer, or watching television, it’s important to remember that not everyone moves their eyes in the same way. This may leave many people with eye strain and disappointment.

What are Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses?

Adjustable focus reading glasses are an innovative and effective alternative to your typical multi-focus reading glasses. Like with a multi-focus lens, adjustable focus readers give wearers the ability to focus on different tasks – except more of them! Adlens UZOOM

Adjustable focus readers literally put the control of focus at the wearer’s fingertips. Each lens can be adjusted independently of the other. If a wearer has one eye with a different vision need, that lens can be adjusted by the simple turn of a dial, independent of the other lens. In addition, the UZOOM adjustable reading glasses from Adlens can be adjusted an infinite number of times, to accommodate varying focus needs throughout the day. Adjust the lenses to watch TV. Switch tasks to something like crochet or reading and adjust the lenses accordingly. There’s no end to the possibilities with adjustable focus readers.

Where regular readers, bifocals, trifocals, and multi-focal reading glasses fall short, UZOOM adjustable lenses pick up the slack. These revolutionary readers solve the problem that so many people have of not being able to see all their daily tasks comfortably up close. For more information about UZOOM adjustable focus lenses, or to order today, shop Adlens.

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