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Reading Glasses with Different Strengths for Each Eye? Finally, a Solution Worth a Look

Reading Glasses with Different Strengths for Each Eye? Finally, a Solution Worth a Look

As human beings, our vision tends to be a lot more complicated than many people realize. For starters, we have to deal with the fact that our vision naturally begins to deteriorate as we get older. This can occur for many reasons, but the most common is Presbyopia – something that begins to set in as we approach the age of 45 or so.

But equally complicated is the fact that a lot of people have to deal with the fact that they have what is commonly referred to as “uneven vision.” Simply put, one eye can see better than the other can.

As an experiment, cover your left eye with your hand and try to focus on something across the room with your right eye. Take a moment to really observe how quickly your eye focuses and the quality of the image you now see before you. Now, cover up your right eye and try to focus with your left. If you notice a discrepancy, guess what – you have uneven vision. You’re certainly not alone. This is something that millions of people around the world deal with every day.

But the issue here is that this poses a major challenge when looking for reading glasses in particular. Drugstore reading glasses are already designed with something of a “one size fits all” mentality. They have a very particular type of strength and focal power and, as a result, they either work or they don’t. When you also consider the fact that one eye needs a bit more help than the other one does, this takes an already “sort of adequate, I guess” solution and transitions it into something totally ineffective before you know it.

But thankfully, this is not a problem you have to take laying down. There IS a better solution for people with uneven vision – they’re called adjustable focus glasses and they’re available for you to order right away.

Reading Glasses With Different Strengths For Each Eye: What You Need to Know

Although reading glasses with different strengths come in many forms, perhaps the most effective (and most popular) for many people will be adjustable focus reading glasses. Adlens’ has our own brand of lenses available, called the UZOOM glasses, but this is just one of many examples.

For those unfamiliar, these types of glasses actually have a unique dial system located on the side of each lens. The lenses themselves are actually constructed from two different lenses with varying strengths that sort of sit on top of one another. As you adjust the dial, the position of those lenses change – thus changing your ability to focus at the same time. With the UZOOM adjustable lens glasses, you can control the focus power for each eye until both can see clearly again.

So if you were sitting in your favorite chair at night trying to read from that great new novel you just picked up, the process of correcting your vision is astoundingly simple. You would just look at the text on the page, adjust the dial on one lens until your vision came into focus, repeat the process with the other lens and you’re ready to go. From start to finish, you can return striking clarity to your vision at any moment in just a couple of seconds.

If you then wanted to switch up activities – like if that sporting event just started and now you’ll be focusing on the TV set across the room – the process is nearly identical. Just look at whatever you need to see, adjust the dials on each side until the lenses restore clarity to your vision and go on living your life, totally free of compromise.

Reading glasses with different strengths for each eye, like the ones we just described, are literally built to guarantee that you can continue to see as clearly and as precisely as you always have, absolutely no questions asked.

Now, none of this is to say that off-the-shelf reading glasses are inherently “bad.” They leave a lot to be desired, sure – but they are a viable solution for many people, more or less. But the problem is that not everybody sees in quite the same way and when our vision deteriorates, that process tends to be unique to the individual as well. Off-the-shelf readers simply cannot support these unique qualities, and that’s before you get into the fact that you need reading glasses with different strengths for each eye.

Only a solution as versatile as adjustable focus reading glasses will allow you to focus at different distances the way you need so many times throughout the day, all with the convenience and simplicity that you can then come to depend on.

Adlens: Because You Shouldn’t Have to Compromise On Your Vision

At this point, it’s important to note that adjustable focus reading glasses are NOT designed to replace prescription eyewear. If you already have a pair of prescription lenses, it is absolutely recommended that you continue to wear them. But if Presbyopia has begun to set in and you’ve reached a point where you’re considering moving into the realm of dollar store reading glasses, why not go just one step further and get a solution that is actually as effective as you need when you need it the most?

Think about all of the things that you love doing in life – the things that make getting up in the morning more than worth it. Now, think about how poor vision quality impacts your ability to really get the most out of these experiences. When you put it like that, the decision between adjustable focus glasses with different strengths for each eye and a generic pair of dollar store readers isn’t really much of a choice at all.

If you’d like to find out more information about whether or not you need reading glasses with different strengths for each eye, we encourage you to contact your eye care professional. If you’re eager to learn more about our own UZOOM adjustable focus glasses, please don’t delay – visit us today at

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