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Signs You Need Glasses

Signs You Need Glasses

Considering getting glasses can be somewhat of an emotional struggle, and it can be hard to find enough reasons to make you summon up the courage to go to the optometrist. But we’ve got 5 good reasons you need to pluck up the courage and make an appointment. Below, Adlens has rounded up 5 of the top, tell-tale signs that it’s time for glasses.

1. It’s all a bit blurry

Maybe you’re suddenly noticing that your vision is blurry at times, or maybe you are beginning to have trouble focusing on things. Have you never been able to focus, or is it a recent thing?

Either way, you could be stuck in a cycle of internal conflict about whether or not to visit your local optometrist. We suggest that you do, as eye examinations can also detect health problems that have no signs or symptoms.

2. Splitting headaches

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches for no real reason, it could be a. Constantly trying to focus strains your eyes and can be a cause of headaches.

3. You’re squinting a lot

Squinting can be one of the main signs you need glasses. If you find yourself squinting to read road signs, or to look at your laptop or device screen, you should get your eyes tested.

4. You can see halos

We’re not talking about the circle of light shown above the head of a saint or angel. Put simply, the light isn’t focusing properly onto your retina. This causes the light to become scattered, resulting in bright circles surrounding different kinds of light – e.g. light bulbs, lamps, car headlights or the sun.

5. It’s harder than usual to see in the dark

If you find that your eyes are taking a little while to adjust to the darkness, particularly if you’ve just stepped into the darkness from a bright place (e.g. just turned your light off before bed), this can be a sign that you need glasses to give your vision that extra little bit of help.

If you’re exhibiting any of the above signs and symptoms, Adlens highly recommends getting in touch with a vision care professional. If you are in search of the right pair of readers – ones that will help you focus on all your favorite activities – you may consider Adlens adjustable reading glasses. Find out more by visiting today.

  • May 17, 2018
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