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The Adjustable Vision Advantage: 3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Adjustable Vision Glasses

The Adjustable Vision Advantage: 3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Adjustable Vision Glasses

The Adjustable Vision Advantage: 3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Adjustable Vision Glasses  

If there's one particular topic that should unite us all - regardless of where we were born, who our parents are or what we look like - it's vision. It's one of those situations where all of the variables that make us unique don't actually matter - as soon as you hit age 40, your vision is going to start to deteriorate due to conditions like Presbyopia and others.

It's disappointing when it starts to happen, to say the least - but that doesn't mean that there aren't steps you can take to correct this issue as soon as possible. When that day comes for you (and it will), you'll probably start looking for reading glasses or other types of progressive lenses. There's a chance you even own a pair and are wearing them, right now.

In that case, there are more than a few reasons why you'll actually want to think about switching to adjustable vision glasses sooner rather than later - reasons that are far too powerful to ignore.

They Really Couldn't Be Easier to Use

Perhaps the most immediate reason to consider switching to adjustable vision glasses is also, for many people, among the most important. If you're looking for a corrective vision solution that is as easy as it is straightforward, you'd be hard pressed to find something more viable than this one.

None of that is to say that options like bifocals or trifocals are necessarily "hard" or even "overly complicated." After all, you're an adult. You pay taxes. You probably have a mortgage or, at the very least, a lease agreement. You've tackled harder problems in the past and you'll do so again in the future, is what we're saying.

It's just that bifocals and trifocals require you to get used to some fairly unnatural eye movements in order to return clarity to your vision in the way that you want - a method that leaves a lot to be desired. When you're wearing a pair of bifocal glasses and are trying to read a book, you can't just look straight ahead the way you're used to. You have to look through a particular part of the lens, THEN look at the book. THEN, you need to look through a different part of the lens as soon as you start to look at something else.

With adjustable vision glasses, on the other hand, returning clarity to your field of view is literally as simple as turning a dial. Notice that we said "your field of view," because that's exactly what happens. As opposed to other types of lenses, your ENTIRE vision is corrected - not just the specific subject that you're looking at.

This ease-of-use alone is often more than enough to convince most people.

They're Definitely More Convenient

Another major reason why it's time to consider switching to adjustable vision glasses has to do with the new level of convenience that you're able to enjoy. When people invest in cheap reading glasses to save a little money, they often have to buy multiple pairs - one for reading, one for computer work, one for knitting, etc.

Oftentimes, people run into one of two distinct problems. Either they've brought the wrong pair along with them (meaning that you find yourself in the car with glasses showcasing the wrong strength, which presents a potentially dangerous situation) or you've forgotten to bring them along with you at all.

With adjustable vision glasses, on the other hand, this simply isn't an issue. You've got one pair of glasses to take care of all of your needs - period, end of story. Just turn the dial and focus returns to your vision - no matter what you're doing or where you're doing it.

You're Not Masking a Symptom. You're Fighting a Problem

Finally, it's important to acknowledge the fact that adjustable vision glasses are by and large a much more holistic approach to vision correction. Again, progressive lenses work fine, but they essentially only return clarity to your vision when you're looking at a particular subject at a particular distance. Is the book that you're trying to read suddenly clear? Yes - but everything else is still blurry. This means that you're not solving a problem. You're simply putting a Band-Aid on a much larger issue.

Adjustable vision glasses, by their very nature, are much more comprehensive than that. Adlens’ own UZOOM glasses, for example, work using a series of two Alvarez lenses that slide across from each other as you turn the dial, allowing you to completely control the magnification of the lens. This can be fine-tuned in a variety of ways to help you focus on near to distant objects. Likewise, as stated, it will also correct your ENTIRE field of vision - not just the small print in that great new novel you picked up at the bookstore.

As is so often true in these types of situations, there is no "one size fits all" approach to vision correction. For some people, regular old progressive lenses or dime store readers work fine and will continue to do so. But for the reasons outlined above, most people will at least want to consider switching to adjustable vision glasses. More often than that, they're overwhelmingly glad that they did.

Adlens: Because Your Vision is Worth Fighting For

If you're still curious about the major benefits of adjustable vision glasses, or whether or not you even need them to begin with, we always encourage you to make an appointment with your eye care professional so that you can discuss the matter further. Adjustable vision glasses are NOT designed to replace any subscription eye wear that you may own and for some people, that is absolutely going to be the better option.

But if you'd like to find out more about solutions like our own Adlens UZOOM adjustable vision glasses, our NEW Adlens Adapt Multi-Zone reading glasses, or if you have any other specific questions that you'd like to get answers to, please don't hesitate to visit us today.

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