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Trifocal Reading Glasses vs. Adjustable Focus: Which Are Right for You?

Trifocal Reading Glasses vs. Adjustable Focus: Which Are Right for You?

So, you’ve reached another point in life where you need new glasses. Perhaps your last eye exam involved talk of your near- and farsightedness. Perhaps your doctor has told you that you could benefit from trifocal reading glasses, which aid in the intermediate vision, as well as near and far. But there are so many different types of lenses on the market nowadays — multi-focus, progressive, adjustable focus, plain-old trifocal eyeglasses – which way should you go? In this article, we will break down trifocal glasses and adjustable focus glasses, to help you determine which are best for you.

Trifocal Reading Glasses

Trifocal reading glasses have been around for years, helping people who suffer from presbyopia— a common, age-related loss of near vision. Trifocals contain three lens powers to help restore a fuller range of vision and, in particular, to restore reading vision lost to presbyopia.

As we age, presbyopia eventually affects our intermediate vision (think arm’s length), as well as our near vision, making it hard to see things just a few inches or few feet away. Enter: trifocal glasses, which can solve both types of vision impairments. We could thank Benjamin Franklin for inspiring the eventual creation of trifocals, since he cut his own two lenses in 1784 to help him conquer nearsightedness. This is considered the invention of the first bifocal reading glasses. Trifocal glasses came out years later, in the 1940’s, to help those struggling with far, intermediate, and nearsightedness, all at the same time.

In addition to your traditional bifocal lenses, trifocal reading glasses have an ancillary small lens, which is located directly above the near-sight lens, giving wearers a total of three viewing power zones. This third, intermediate zone can help people who strain to see things at arm’s length – such as the computer screen – as it provides 50 percent the added magnifying power of the near-sight lens.

Both bifocals and trifocals get a bad rep for being “old people glasses,” since they are typically associated with presbyopia and have visible lines – called “seg” lines – that outline the segment(s) of the lenses. Some users claim to like trifocals because they provide wide viewing zones for computer use and reading. However, many users have trouble adjusting to trifocal glasses because of the distinct seg lines and levels of vision within them and therefore prefer a more natural viewing solution.

Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses

Adjustable focus reading glasses are considered a modern solution to the downfalls of bifocal and trifocal glasses while serving a multitude of vision needs. Adjustable reading glasses break people free from the restricted, limited views that often come with trifocal glasses.

Many people using trifocal reading glasses grow frustrated with the relatively limited field of view offered with their three-strength lenses. For many adults over 40, there’s also the hassle of carrying around a second pair of reading glasses for when the trifocals don’t cut it and vision needs change (this is common for those with presbyopia!). And we all know that painful feeling of forgetting to bring that second pair of glasses with us.

Much like trifocal reading glasses, adjustable focus glasses allow you to see at different distances, except the strength of the lenses is within your control. Wearers can simply turn a dial on the frame until they achieve their desired reading power. This eliminates the need to bring multiple pairs of readers everywhere you go.

Adjustable focus reading glasses can be used for daily tasks that involve fine details. They can also assist with a variety of hobbies. Whether you enjoy reading, knitting, sewing, cooking, scrapbooking, or even Googling stats on your favorite baseball players, the adjustable focus lenses offer comfortable and clear vision at a variety of distances.

With Americans spending more time in front of computers, tablets, and smartphones than ever before, more of that intermediate and nearsighted vision – and seeing everything in between – is a “must” in our daily lives. More than half of adults in the United States spend at least six hours a day looking at a digital screen. If you fall into this majority, you may benefit from adjustable, computer reading glasses – which protect against digital eye strain, harmful blue light, and allow you to change focus.

Other features of adjustable focus readers include:

  • Up to a 2.8x magnifying boost for detail work
  • You can focus clearly from 9 inches to 6 feet away
  • Compatibility with any current reader power

Questioning the right pair of reading glasses for your vision needs is an inevitable and essential part of the buying process. At Adlens UZOOM, we want to ensure you continue to enjoy seeing more of life and focusing on the things you love. If you feel that adjustable vision readers are the choice for you, you can try them hassle-free for 90 days. Visit to start your trial with perfect vision.

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