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What Are Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses?

What Are Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses?

Presbyopia is a condition that affects almost 1.7 billion people worldwide. Although this condition is considered to be a normal part of the aging process, that doesn’t make it any more comforting for those who are no longer able to focus on things that are close up. As you age, your eyes lose ability to focus on items and images that are nearer to you. An unfortunate irony is that older people frequently seek enjoyment from activities that involve detailed work, such as sewing, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, knitting and crocheting, reading, and a slew of other things that require close up focus.

What is Presbyopia?

As part of the normal process of aging after the age of 40,  is identified when you gradually lose the ability to focus clearly up close. Another symptom of the onset of presbyopia is the inability to see in the dark. You may notice that you need more light in order to see well.

What are Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses?

Adjustable focus reading glasses are a great solution for people with presbyopia who have lost (or are losing) the ability to see clearly up close. Adjustable focus glasses are completely modifiable for a wide range of vision needs and can be instantly and easily adjusted by the wearer to adapt to varying focuses within seconds. The adjustable focus controls are located above each lens, on the corners of the eyeglass arms. Adlens makes a brand of adjustable focus reading glasses called UZOOM, to alleviate the symptoms of presbyopia.

How are Adjustable Eyeglasses Different from Regular Readers?

Adjustable focus reading glasses, such as Adlens UZOOM, are completely different than the readers you’re currently using. For one thing, regular readers can only focus at a single distance. That poses a challenge when you want to move from one activity to another. For instance, if you are in the middle of cooking dinner and need to read the label on a jar of sauce. Your readers might work fine for watching the saucepan. But they won’t allow you to change your focus to the small print on a jar. Enter UZOOM.

With adjustable reading glasses, you simply adjust the dial on one or both lenses to focus-in clearly on the words on the label. When you’re finished, adjust the dials back to what’s comfortable for your cooking activity. It’s that simple. No other readers today allow you, the wearer, the flexibility and instant control over what you can focus on in any given situation.

How Do UZOOM Lenses Work?

UZOOM readers are an adjustable power reader, enabling the wearer to focus clearly on objects from as short as 25 cm away, all the way to 2 meters. (This equates to about 9 inches to 6 feet.) Whether you need to pull out a splinter with tweezers, work on a scrapbook, use a computer, or watch a television, you’ll be able to focus and see clearly using just one pair of UZOOM.

The powerful secret is in the patented, award-winning lens system developed by the Adlens team. UZOOM utilizes dual lens technology featuring two wafer-thin lens plates. As the wearer adjusts the dial over each lens, these lens plates alter their position. This change in position is what enables the wearer to see comfortably, whether they are engaged in a close-up activity such as reading or viewing a device that is positioned farther away. The result is clarity, focus, and relaxed eyesight with just one pair of UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses.

To learn more about this innovative solution for people who have trouble seeing close up, contact Adlens or order online today.

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