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What You Should Know About Adjustable Glasses  

What You Should Know About Adjustable Glasses  

If you’re the type of person who has started to struggle with the effects of Presbyopia, there are two key things you should know.

First, you’re not alone. This condition – which affects our eyes’ ability to focus as we age and that typically starts to rear its ugly head as we get into our 40s – affects millions of people all over the world. In a lot of ways, it’s a natural part of the aging process… but it isn’t exactly one of the fun ones, like how easy and frequent “napping” becomes.

Secondly, there are a lot of options available to you in order to correct this problem. Case in point: adjustable glasses. If you’ve already started to investigate reading glasses to help restore a bit of clarity to your vision, you’ve probably hit on the idea of adjustable eyeglasses at least once or twice. What exactly are they and how can they be of help in your particular situation? You should definitely read on to find out more.

What Are Adjustable Focus Glasses?

Adjustable focus glasses are, to put it simply, exactly that – reading glasses that give you complete control over how, where, and why your vision is in focus.

Picture a series of two lenses, each with different strengths. Each lens is always in a different position that you can change with an attached dial depending on what you want to look at. Just look at whatever you’re trying to see, adjust the focus until that object comes into focus, and you’re done. If you need to look at something else, just turn the dial and adjust the lens configuration again.

Adjustable focus reading glasses are perfect for seeing things that are very close to your face and that are at about a mid-range distance – think up to 6.5 feet or so.

The Benefits of Adjustable Focus Glasses

Maybe the biggest benefit for many people of adjustable glasses comes down to just how easy they are to use. Because of the unique design of the lens and the attached dial, achieving perfect, crystal clear vision is something that you can literally do in seconds.

Say you were trying to read your computer screen but the small text appeared blurry. All you would have to do is raise your hand, adjust the dial, wait for your vision to come into focus and then… just keep living your life.

Then, let’s say you wanted to suddenly focus on something that was a bit farther away. Just look at the object, adjust the lens and… you’re ready to go. “Simple” doesn’t even begin to describe it, really.

There are a lot of different types of reading glasses out there that let you achieve similar results, but in very different ways. Varifocal reading glasses, for example, require you to look through different parts of a lens depending on what and where you’re trying to focus. This is a similar end result, but the road you take to get there is totally different.

But for many people, the most important benefit of adjustable glasses comes by way of the fact that they adjust your entire field of view – not just the specific item that you’re trying to look at. With other types of options, you have to look through a different part of the lens depending on exactly what it is you’re trying to focus on. So, the subject that you’re looking at will be crystal clear, but everything around it will be a bit blurrier than your natural vision would be.

Because of the lens construction in adjustable glasses, both the subject and the area immediately around it in your field of vision would be clear – just as it would be with your normal, pre-Presbyopia vision. Your peripheral vision would still be on the blurry side, sure – but that’s totally normal.

For this reason alone, adjustable eyeglasses are an ideal solution for many people because they’re easier to use and they aren’t as difficult to get used to.


Maybe the most important thing for you to understand about adjustable focus glasses is that they’re not really designed to replace any prescription eyewear that you may need. If your vision has deteriorated to the point where you do need a set of prescription lenses, obviously that would be the way to go. But if you’re only having problems in specific situations like reading, or if you’re in the very early stages of Presbyopia, adjustable glasses will get the job done incredibly well.

Likewise, it’s critical for you to understand that when it comes to correcting your vision, there really is no “one size fits all” approach. Every person is a little bit different and everyone’s vision requirements can vary wildly from the next person. For a lot of people, adjustable glasses give them back the clarity and the control that they feel like they’ve lost to a condition like Presbyopia. For others, varifocal glasses (or yes, prescription eyewear) will be the better choice.

The point is that this is a decision that only you – and your eye care professional – can make. Nobody is trying to force you to pick a product that won’t ultimately generate the results you need. Only you can answer that type of question for yourself.

Adlens: Your Adjustable Glasses Partner

At Adlens, we designed our UZOOM adjustable focus glasses to be the solution you need when you need it the most. We believe that nobody should be forced to compromise the way they lead their lives or the things they like to do, just because their vision has begun to deteriorate – These adjustable glasses are one of the many ways that we can help make that happen.

If you’d like to find out more information about conditions like Presbyopia, or if you have questions about whether or not adjustable eyeglasses are right for you in the first place, please consult your eye care professional. If you’d like to learn more about our UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses, please don’t hesitate to today.

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