UZOOM Screen Protect | Computer Eye Strain Glasses

Screen Protect

Adjustable focus readers

  • For smartphones
  • Computer work
  • Watching TV

30% Blue light cut

Helps reduce digital eye strain

Works whatever your reader power

Reduce digital eyestrain

Focus clearly from 14in to Distance


1.8x Magnifying boost for close up viewing

Pixel sharp focus whether it’s looking at your tablet or watching TV

Enjoy seeing more again

Enjoy seeing more again

Help maintain your regular sleep patterns by reducing blue light exposure

Our Adlens Promise

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Lifetime Guarantee

At Adlens we want to make sure you continue to enjoy seeing more again so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee

90-day risk free trial

If you are not happy for any reason simply return your eyewear within 90 days and we will provide a full refund – it’s that simple