Product Usage & Care

Optics, Usage & Care

What does adjustable-focus mean?

Adjustable-focus glasses allow you to adjust them precisely to different distances. Each lens has its own dial which moves the 2 lenses until your object is in perfect focus allowing you to see clearly in pin-sharp focus.

How many times can they be adjusted?

There is no limit on how many times you can adjust them.

How do I adjust the glasses?

Adjusting is simple. Close or cover one eye. Slowly turn the dials backwards to focus on what you are looking at. Repeat with the other eye. Adjust the power in each lens to focus at different distances.

How do I clean my Adjustable-focus glasses?

Adlens recommends that you only use the soft lens cloth enclosed with your glasses. This is a precision lens mechanism only gently pressure should be applied. Never submerse your UZOOM glasses under water.

Do I need a prescription?

No prescription needed. Our glasses are adjustable-focus reading glasses and not intended to replace prescription eyewear.

I have an astigmatism will they work for me?

No they do not

How can I be sure they will work for me?

If you are having difficulty focusing up close or are having or are having to use different strength readers for different tasks these will work for you.

What if I wear contact lenses?

Our UZOOM products are ideal because standard contact lenses only correct distance vision, UZOOM will give the benefit of near vision.

Can I use UZOOM products for driving?

We recommend that you do not wear UZOOM for driving.

What if they don’t fit me?

Our UZOM glasses come in one size and fit most people. If they don’t fit simply return them during the 90 day trial and we will refund your money. (terms & conditions apply)