Adjustable Lens Glasses: How They Work

Adlens UZOOM puts you back in
control of what you can focus on

Adlens UZOOM allows you to zoom in and out from magnifying to distance, so you can focus precisely on what you want to see with the turn of a dial.

Alvarez Dual Lens Technology

Adlens UZOOM Adjustable-Focus Reading Glasses house the Alvarez Dual Lens Technology. This innovative lens features two thin, wave-shaped poly-carbonate “plates” that when the dial is turned, the plates slide across each other. The position of the two plates relative to each other is what determines the clarity of focus of the overall lens system. It is this technology that allows a single pair of UZOOM adjustable lens glasses to replace multiple pairs of different strength reading glasses. Allowing you to focus at different distances so you can enjoy seeing more again.

How do I focus the glasses?

  • Gently turn both dials all the way forward
  • Close or cover one eye, slowly turn the dials backwards to focus on what you are looking at
  • Repeat with the other eye
  • Adjust the power in each lens to focus at different distances
  • Tweak the focus as needed, it’s that simple

Will they work for me?

UZOOM glasses are adjustable focus glasses so if you wear traditional reading glasses, wear reading glasses over contact lenses, or are just realizing you are struggling to see up close – we are a perfect choice or alternative to traditional reading glasses.

Adjustable lens glasses are not intended to replace prescription eyewear and should not be worn when driving.

The best way to know if they will work for you is to give them a try- Risk Free for 90 days.

Our Adlens Promise

We have over 2 million happy customers - we would like you to become one too.

Lifetime Guarantee

At Adlens we want to make sure you continue to enjoy seeing more again so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee

90-day risk free trial

If you are not happy for any reason simply return your eyewear within 90 days and we will provide a full refund – it’s that simple

With a magnifying boost for those every day close up tasks

  • Great for daily close up tasks
  • Hobbies, reading and fine detail
  • You can focus clearly from 9 inches to 6 feet
  • Works whatever your current reader power
  • 2.8x magnifying boost for detail work


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Magnifying Boost


Protecting you from eyestrain and blue light exposure

  • Perfect for smartphones, computer work and watching TV
  • Focus clearly on your screens as close as 14 inches and as far away as your TV
  • Works whatever your current reader power
  • Reduces 30% blue light exposure to your eyes


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30% Blue Light REDUCTION


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