Careers at Adlens

Come and develop technology that improves the power of variable focus lenses to enable us all to see better.

Sr. Design Engineer Design Engineer

Working at Adlens

To deliver the lenses for augmented reality and autofocus glasses we’ve got some chunky problems which only an inspired and innovative team will solve. We’re a small team who enjoy working in a challenging and productive place (and yes, we have a pool table). We’re in the market town of Eynsham, easily accessible from Oxford.

As a tech company we are excited to have grown from a business manufacturing and designing variable focus lenses to one which is leading the way in enabling people to see real and virtual objects clearly.

At Adlens we believe our people are the key to our business; they bring innovation and inspiration. Here is why they enjoy working in this environment:

Why do I like working at Adlens and what’s great about the company?

"The reason I like working at Adlens; because it’s a fast-paced technology company whom prides itself on its achievements, ethos, aspirations, customers and employees. Always looking into tomorrow rather than today or the past and as to the next ground breaking technology for changing people’s lives." Adlens provides a work-life balance and enables its employees to embark on a flexible working hours scheme".

Adam Hunt, Quality and Regulatory Manager

"Great projects and innovative opportunities in a company with clear corporate strategic direction, strong ethics, supportive culture. Adlens gives me a good work / life balance, with great job satisfaction and company benefits. Working for Adlens has given me the opportunity to help push innovation in the optical market and create disruptive products that people need to help them enjoy seeing more again.

At Adlens company culture plays a part to help the different areas of the business bond, share and enjoy in working for a company that has real focus on the future. If you enjoy a creative challenge, Adlens encourages you to think outside the box and gives you the freedom to create and innovate.


Colin Amer, Merchandising Design Lead

"I would describe working at Adlens as focused, friendly, intelligent, industrious and fun".

Carl Scratcher, Development Engineer

"I enjoy working with some very clever people on a surprisingly challenging project".

Andrew Herbert, Principal Engineer

“At Adlens are some of the smartest, most innovative people I’ve ever worked with using cutting edge technology development”.

Sian James, Programme Director

“We are always working on 'new' problems - new materials, new processes etc...Possibly the only people in the world doing the specific stuff we're working on. We have a great team of people and good office environment”

Simon Horrocks, Senior Designer

“Adlens is writing the rules for this ground breaking technology, and that's an exciting place to be. In our design and development team there are very few people who had done this before. We have (and require) a broad and diverse mix of skills across pure science, materials, optics, engineering and production. These skills are all interdependent and it can be quite a complex mix. You make a change and that ripples through. It's not a typical hardware company where you can upgrade one discipline, like the software, independently. This all adds up to providing a challenging, rewarding and unique place to work”.

Paul Masser, Principal Designer

Employees evolve in a fun working environment that encourages their creativity.