A New Breed of Reading Glasses

If you’ve ever wondered why people over the age of 40 seem to always have a pair (or two, or three…) of at the ready,

it has to do with a condition called Presbyopia. This impacts our eye’s ability to focus, making it hard to see things at different distances (especially at close up) in a way that gradually gets worse until we hit age 75.

As stated, most people buy off-the-shelf reading glasses in an attempt to mitigate this issue… but now, thanks to multi focus reading glasses, this is one problem that a lot of people just won’t have to deal with any longer.

man with many reading glasses

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You know how you often have to keep several different types of reading glasses laying around the house, each with different strengths, to pick up and set down depending on exactly what it is you’re trying to do at the moment? Multi focus reading glasses, in essence, are a product designed to make sure you never have to worry about that again.

Unlike other types of reading glasses that require you to look through a different part of the lens depending on the distance you’re trying to focus in on (which isn’t hard, to be fair, but it certainly isn’t comfortable either), multi focus reading glasses use advanced lens technology to give you more control over what you see and how you’re seeing it.

With Adlens’ own UZOOM adjustable reading glasses, you can enjoy crystal clear vision at difference distances all with just one quick turn of a dial. These glasses are actually constructed using a series of two lenses that adjust your vision based on the spacial relation between one lens and the other. If you want to focus on something that is a few inches away from your face (like a book or magazine), just turn the dial until everything is exactly as it should be. Do you need to then focus on something that is a little farther, like 6.5 feet or so away? Don’t worry about it – just adjust the dial again and go about your business.

Multi focus reading glasses like Adlens’ UZOOM glasses are very straightforward, which is a large part of the reason why they’ve become so popular with so many. Not only that, but your entire field of vision is also affected – not just the object that you’re specifically looking at. So not only are they a more convenient option than alternatives but they’re also more complete at the exact same time.

Adlens: Your Partner in Multi Focus Reading Glasses

When you purchase a pair of Adlens’ UZOOM adjustable focus reading glasses, not only do you get a pair of glasses designed from the top down to satisfy your vision needs – but you also get a product that is guaranteed for life. Stop worrying about Presbyopia and similar types of vision conditions and get back to living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted for yourself.