What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process.

We will all suffer from it. From the age of 45, our eyes ability to focus starts to decrease. This means that we will find it hard to focus on things at different distances and especially close up. This gradually gets worse until the age of about 75 by which point we have lost all of our ability to focus at different distances.

People gradually find it more difficult to do intricate tasks, read small print, focus at different distances and see in low light. These are all symptoms of presbyopia.

You will notice people squinting, straining or holding things further away to try and overcome the problem. As well as the daily frustration of not being able to see as well as before, these coping strategies can also cause headaches and eyestrain.

To date most people buy off the shelf reading glasses to try and overcome the issue. But, this solution only allows them to see clearly at one distance which is very restrictive because hobbies, reading, computing, watching TV and the rest of life all require your eyes to focus at different distances.

Now there is an alternative that will allow you to see as clearly as you always have and allow you to enjoy seeing more again. Shop UZOOM adjustable focus glasses online.

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