Using our Alvarez Lens (Instant Eyewear) products

The lenses in these eyeglasses do not eliminate the need for prescription lenses;

They do not correct astigmatism;

Do not use for driving, eye protection and/or operating heavy machinery;

Have your eyes examined by an eye care professional regularly;

Eye exams can detect serious health problems that have no signs and symptoms;

Never disregard or delay getting professional eye health advice because of the purchase, receipt, or use of these glasses.

Product Care

Are your frames available in different sizes?
Each frame style is available in only one size. To verify the closest match to your current pair of frames, look for three numbers on the inside of your frames grouped together like this: 50-13-135.

The first number refers to the width of the lens.

The second number refers to the width of the bridge, the space over the nose in between the lenses.

The third number refers to the length of the temple, or the arm of the frame that sits on your ears. Our frame sizes are as follows:

  • Adlens Adjustables: 49-22-141
  • Adlens John Lennon: 49-22-141
  • Adlens Select: 49-22-141
  • Adlens Sundials: 49-22-141
  • Adlens Interface: 49-22-141

What is the best way to clean and care for my glasses?
Use a lens cloth dampened with lens solution or soapy water to clean lenses. Dry lenses by rubbing gently with a lint-free clean soft cloth (do not use tissue). Do not clean in ultrasonic bath. Do not submerge lenses in liquid.

Can you replace the lenses in a different brand of frames?
No. Because of the unique technology employed in Adlens glasses, the lenses are currently available only in our frames.

Where can I go to try on or purchase your glasses in person?
A number of optometrists and retailers currently stock Adlens products. You can find the location nearest you by using Find a Retailer. Please note that certain products might not be available in your area/country. We do not sell products direct from any of our office locations.

Is there a limit on how many adjustments I may make on my glasses?
The Alvarez technology, used in our Adlens Adjustables, Adlens Sundials, Adlens Interface, Adlens John Lennon and Adlens Select products, can be adjusted an unlimited number of times.

Are your sunglasses (Adlens Sundials) UV protected?
Yes, our sunglasses provide UVA/UVB protection.

Do any of your glasses have polarized lenses?
No, not at this time.

Do I need an optometrist to set the glasses for me?
No, Adlens instantly adjustable eyewear are designed to be adjusted by the wearer. Simply put the glasses on, look at something at the distance requiring correction, and turn the dials until you can see clearly.

Is there a limit on how many adjustments I can make on fluid-injection adjustable glasses? And can I leave the adjusters on, or do I have to seal the glasses? (The John Lennon Collection or Adlens Hemisphere™)
Our fluid-injection products have now been discontinued. But should you still own a pair of our Adlens John Lennon or Adlens Hemisphere fluid-injection products, please be advised that they are designed to have the adjusters removed and sealed. With the adjusters still attached, the lenses can continue to be changed. However once the dials are removed, they cannot be reattached, and the glasses have been set permanently.