AdlensFocuss Kinetic

Starting from



  • Precision vision on demand – adjust the focus far to near over the entire lens at the simple turn of a dial hidden inside the frame
  • -6 to +4 diopter range on each lens, custom-made to your near, intermediate and distance prescriptions
  • Featuring revolutionary brand new proprietary Variable Power Optics (VPO™) technology
  • Provides 4x more viewing area than the best no-line bifocal
  • Hand-crafted frame designed exclusively for Adlens by world-renowned designer Blake Kuwahara

Will it work for me?

  • Range must fall between -6 to +4 diopter
  • Progressive/bifocal users often have difficulty finding the sweet spot at certain distances, and struggle with the limited width of view.
  • AdlensFocuss is the alternative, providing clarity at any distance with the virtually the whole lens in focus.
  • AdlensFocuss can only be purchased with a prescription from an eyecare professional

Size & Specs

  • Custom-made adjustable focus glasses set to your distance prescription (Rx) combined with VPO technology, using a max power add of +2.5D
  • -6 to +3.5 diopter range on each lens
  • Temple Length: 145mm
  • Weight: 44-55g