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With a magnifying boost for those every day close up tasks

  • Great for daily close up tasks
  • Hobbies, reading and fine detail
  • You can focus clearly from 9 inches to 6 feet
  • Works whatever your current reader power
  • 2.8x magnifying boost for detail work


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Magnifying Boost


Protecting you from eyestrain and blue light exposure

  • Perfect for smartphones, computer work and watching TV
  • Focus clearly on your screens as close as 14 inches and as far away as your TV
  • Works whatever your current reader power
  • Reduces 30% blue light exposure to your eyes


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30% Blue Light REDUCTION


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“Got mine today. Oh my word do they work!!! I doubted how they would do with contacts in. I’m chucking my dollar store readers and getting another pair to keep in the car!”            Tom B.
“They work great – up close for books/phones, mid-distance for computer and farther for piano!”          Tom S.

Adjustable-focus reading glasses that allow you to focus precisely at different distances

Adjustable focus glasses provide precision focus for all your daily needs – from reading small print, threading a needle, to handling small items, reading a book or working at your computer.

Protecting your eyes from digital eyestrain and blue light exposure

With just a turn of the dials, SCREEN PROTECT adjustable focus glasses easily adjust so you can focus on all your screens clearly – from looking at your phone, working on your laptop, to watching TV, all in perfect focus.

What’s in the pack

  • Adlens UZOOM glasses
  • Compact folding protective case
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • Instructions