Adlens UZOOM Screen Protect

Instantly adjustable glasses

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An adjustable-focus reader designed for computer, smartphone or tablet screen work. Enabling you to see your screens while protecting your eyes from digital eyestrain and blue light exposure.

  • Focus clearly from 14 inches through to distance
  • 30% Blue light cut, reduces digital eye strain
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Computer work
  • Watching TV

Take advantage of our 90 day trial*, if you are not happy with them send them back and we will refund your money – it’s that simple

Will it work for me?
  • If you currently wear over the counter reading glasses, this product will work for you whatever your reader power
  • If you wear contact lenses to correct your distance vision, these will allow you to see up close
  • If you are over the age of 45 who has never worn glasses before and struggling to see up close, then this product is ideal for you
  • If you wear prescription glasses, this product will not work for you
Support & FAQs

How are they different to the reading glasses I can buy at CVS or Walmart?

Traditional reading glasses that are sold in retail stores are set to work only at a single distance. Purchasing UZOOM Screen Protect removes your need for multiple pairs of readers with different diopter strengths. UZOOM Screen Protect glasses enable you to adjust your focus for pin sharp vision for all your digital devices with the added benefit of 30% blue light reduction.

What strength can UZOOM Screen Protect be adjusted to?

UZOOM Screen Protect reading glasses can be adjusted from +0.0D – +2.75 Diopter this equates to as close as 14 inches which is a typical distance for computer work to seeing anything out in the distance clearly if adjusted to +0.0 Diopter.

How can I be sure these will work for me?

If you are having difficulty focussing up close or have to use different strength readers for different tasks these will work for you.

Do I get accessories with my UZOOM product?

Enclosed with you glasses is a handy fold-up case and cleaning cloth.

Are these sold in any retail stores?

Currently our UZOOM product is only available direct from Adlens.

Find out more on our Support & FAQs page