Lifetime Guarantee

At Adlens we want to make sure you continue to enjoy seeing more again so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Adlens offers a lifetime warranty on all Adlens UZOOM Adjustable-focus reading glasses against normal wear and usage, manufacturer defects, workmanship and failures under any normal use circumstance for as long as you own your glasses. Adlens reserves the right to charge customers shipping and handling for replacement glasses. If you purchased your Adlens UZOOM glasses direct from us at, you are automatically registered. If you purchased your glasses from one of our authorized resellers, you will need to register at, then your lifetime warranty shall be activated automatically.

The warranty will not apply if a defect has arisen due to any improper use by you of the Products or if you or a third party without Adlens’ written permission, modified them or attempted to modify them or used them or purposes for which they are not intended.